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 Team Building Programs

Think outside the box with these creative experiences, designed to give your team confidence and build relationships.

Ukulele Team Building

Neal Kassanoff from Groundwork Music Orchestra has developed a great team building  opportunity by using the simplicity and fun of a truly great learning instrument- the ukulele. No matter what your musical ability, you can participate in this program and find out the myriad ways a team can work together to, literally, harmonize efforts.

Street Art Team Building

Corporate rebels get excited. This hands-on team building program features spray paint and free expression! Let our acclaimed local artists take your group through the history of Street Art.
You will learn the differences between Graffiti, Stencil and Wheat Paste and how to master these techniques. After the tutorial, the group gets to create their own large 48x60 canvas which can adorn your work space.

Mini Film Festival Team Building

Austin is home to many of the world's acclaimed fillmmakers. The local young guns coming up are equally impressive! Austin is also proudly known as one of the great film festival cities. Allow our film experts to curate a customized short film experience just for your group. Housed  is one of Austin's iconic cinemas, your group will be treated to a film panel experience plus great food.

Music World Team Building

Music World takes your team through four different musical experiences;  Vintage Acoustic Guitars, Vintage Electric Guitars, DJ Scratch Lab and Drummers Paradise.  At each station a musician will discuss with your guests the history of that instrument and show them the skills to play like a pro. Your team will get to touch, feel and play all the instruments and create their own piece of musical history. People of all abilities love this program. Allow us to customize your experience by hosting your event at one of our exclusive private venues, or let us know where you would like to host your event.

Line Dancing Team Building

Get your boot scootin' boogie on with our line dancing team building. In this fun-filled program, our instructors walk your team through the basics of line dancing, working up to a customized choreographed routine. Dance battle between yourselves, but ultimately everybody wins an unforgettable experience. This is the perfect program to have a good time building social relationships with your fellow dancers.

Mixology Cocktail Team Building

Learn to make the perfect cocktail creation with the Groove Labs mixology class. You will learn to combine elixirs to produce and exceptional cocktail, from proper mixing techniques to correct glassware and the perfect garnish to finish it off.

Family Feud Team Building

Family Feud by Groove Labs, takes the popular game show and turns it into event friendly fun! We pull the whole production together with questions and buzzers plus video, sound & lighting. The amazing host John Maverick makes you feel like you are competing in the real thing!

Cooking Class Team Building with Eric Brown

Eric Nelson Brown has been in the food industry for more than twenty years, running and opening restaurants around the country. Chef Eric will take each group through the world of BBQ sauce making and salsa making and the many variations and fusions it can have. It will ultimately be up to the teams to create their own to see who wins the title of BBQ Sauce Master Chef! 

Body Art Team Building

Our Under the Skin program, takes your attendants and immerses them in Austin’s Tattoo culture all while giving them a hands on tattoo experience. 

For team building portion, we will bring in a local Airbrush Tattoo artist to train your guests on developing and producing a great sleeve tattoo. 

Guests will break up into groups where they will select, design and brush a piece of art on a model then present it to the group.  

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