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 Become a Corporate Rockstar

Corporate Rock Stars® delivers a musical approach to team building. Check out the program below and get rocking!

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Team Work Never Sounded so Good

Get your team out of the office and onto the stage! Let their inner Rock Stars come out in this encouraging environment. Corporate Rock Stars® provides a collaborative music program where your team works together in a creative experience with roles for everyone.

Teams are divided up into bands to compete for ultimate rocker status. Each band rewrites a classic song with their own themed lyrics. They then choreograph their performance, style their look and learn their parts. From lead singer, to writer, to back up dancer there is a part everyone can play in their team's success.


The full backing of our all-star Groove Labs Band makes performances legendary and unforgettable. They can even show you how to play their instrument parts if your dream is to be in the band.

Make use of props, shakers, instruments or whatever else helps you translate your custom song into a smashing success! Guest panel judges can be brought in to decide the winning performance, but ultimately everyone wins in this exhilirating environment.

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